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Comprehensive Consulting Services

Onyx Global HR offers the consulting services you've been looking for.
We offer total business solutions in the following areas:

• Human Resources Administration & Infrastructure Design
• Compensation Planning
• Succession Planning
• Benefits Program Design & Administration
• Organizational Development Interventions
• Talent Acquisition

Talent Management

Leadership & Management Development

Firms of all sizes struggle with leadership, and Onyx Global HR understands how difficult it can be to manage the issue on your own successfully. That is why we offer a team, leadership, and competency development consulting to tackle the problem from every angle.

Team Development

Team building is more than just an experience that helps everybody to get along. When done properly, your organization also becomes more efficient and effective. Onyx Global HR offers a number of programs to help your organization with every aspect of effective team functioning (e.g., decision-making, problem-solving, conflict resolution, etc.). We also custom design and deliver interventions for your needs.

Confident Businesswoman

Leadership Development

Studies show that the most important aspect of an organization's effectiveness is human capital. Warren Bennis said, "...the assets really do go home at night." We help you identify the following:

• Executive Competencies Needed For Success
• The Gap Between What You Need & What You Currently Have
• A Strategy to Develop Executive Capability in Your Organization

Competency Development

What skills do you need to succeed at your company? Onyx Global HR helps you align business demands with skills to achieve organizational excellence.

Organizational Development

These services improve the performance of companies, business groups, departments, work teams, and individuals. Vision, mission, and goal development processes can all be used to improve organization efficiency, process flow, or overall work environments. We design, develop, and deliver the following interventions:

• 360 Degree Assessment
• Employee Assessment
• Climate Surveys
• Exit Interviews
• Culture Change
• Meeting Facilitation
• Organization Design
• Organization Diagnosis
• Performance Evaluation
• Process Mapping
• Role & Responsibility Charting
• Team Building
• Succession Planning
People in a Meeting

Executive Coaching

Coaching is viewed by many as a tool to correct underperformance. Onyx Global HR perceives it as a tool that supports top performers. According to a 2004 survey conducted by Right Management Consultants of Philadelphia, "86 percent of companies said they used coaching to sharpen skills of individuals identified as future organizational leaders." We understand many of the challenges executives face, including the following:

• Economic Pressures
• Intergenerational Work Force
• Stretch Assignments
• Promotions
• Off-Shoring
• Diversity
• Technology
• Globalization

Onyx Global HR coaches executives with a range of needs, including developing new ways to solve problems, adapting to and conquering new challenges, and maximizing performance. Executives and corporate stakeholders go on to make significant differences in the long-term success of their organizations. Our integrated approach to coaching includes industry tools such as the following:

• Myers-Briggs
• CPI 260
• CPI 434
• Strong Interest Inventory
• Team Effectiveness Profile
• Checkpoint (360)
• Skillbuilder
• Profile XT


Performance Management

Human Capital Development

• Workforce Solutions • Personal Development Services • ARS (Advance Reading Skills)

Performance Coaching

Diversity & Inclusion Strategies


The world is getting smaller and more competitive. While your organization may understand that the winners will be those who increasingly value and leverage diversity, inclusion, and multicultural awareness, it may be struggling with how to do so.

Diversity Initiative & Programs

We have been facilitating organization change in the areas of diversity and inclusion for over 15 years. Onyx Global HR can help you develop a diversity strategy and establish effectiveness metrics, as well as design and deliver education programs. 

• Program and Organizational Development
• Minority Supplier Development
• Community Relations
• Legal Compliance

Multicultural Awareness

Many organizations are becoming multinational. It is crucial to understand the cultural impact of your business' expansion. We help you discover what's important to be successful in another country.