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Onyx Global HR addresses the human resource (HR) needs of startups, small businesses, governments, and Fortune 500 companies through a collaboration of four established and accomplished HR consulting firms and their affiliates. We have over 20 years of experience successfully developing custom HR business solutions to address your domestic and international needs.

Your company needs to find an efficient and productive game plan for your operations. That is why Onyx Global HR helps your business develop and cultivate impactful employee, management, and leadership teams. Improve the performance of your company, business group, or department with our organizational development programs. With our accomplished and credentialed experts, your organization's human resource needs are well taken care of.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Onyx is to provide fast and reliable high-level HR expertise and thought leadership to our clients with a focus on reliable and effective execution. We recognize that the keys to success for Onyx are responsiveness and quality. We accomplish this by doing our very best, with the very best resources available, all the time!

About Our Logo

Our logo is an Adinkra symbol. Adinkra symbols originated in Africa and are visual symbols that represent concepts or great ideas. Our logo is a visual representation of the idea of "help me help you." We think it is particularly relevant because we believe our job is putting you first and helping you achieve your goals and objectives. We approach each project with a collaborative mindset that we are helping each other. As you provide insight and data, we use that feedback and input to give you our very best in expertise.


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